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My Sleep Philosophy

I firmly believe parents are doing the best they can for their child. You may be looking for a sleep consultant because what once worked for your child and family is no longer working. Or maybe it never worked and you need a plan. There is no need to apologize or feel guilty for habits we may have helped to create. What worked once may not be working anymore. And that’s when we’re motivated to make a change!


It's not just the child’s patterns and routines that are changing- this can be a lot for parents too. As a parent of little ones myself, I understand the variety of feelings you may be experiencing– guilt, sadness, excitement, worry, exhaustion, relief– you are a huge part of the equation! I will empower and give you the confidence to get through from the rocky part to the blissful other side: peaceful days and restful nights! It’s within your reach! I'm here with you.

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