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My Sleep Philosophy

I firmly believe parents are doing the best they can for their child. You may be looking for a sleep consultant because what once worked for your child and family is no longer working. Or maybe it never worked and you need a plan. There is no need to apologize or feel guilty for habits we may have helped to create. What worked once may not be working anymore. And that’s when we’re motivated to make a change!


It's not just the child’s patterns and routines that are changing- this can be a lot for parents too. As a parent of little ones myself, I understand the variety of feelings you may be experiencing– guilt, sadness, excitement, worry, exhaustion, relief– you are a huge part of the equation! I will empower and give you the confidence to get through from the rocky part to the blissful other side: peaceful days and restful nights! It’s within your reach! I'm here with you.

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  • What is sleep training?
    Sleep training is looking at your baby or child's whole sleep process from start to finish. This means we first need to understand what is currently happening in order to know what may need to shift. Sleep training includes looking at the sleep environment, sleep routines, sleep timing, and how your child goes to sleep and stays asleep. Sleep training includes many different methods, all personalized to your family and situation, to teach your baby or child how to fall asleep and return to sleep when they wake up. For me, sleep training also means supporting the caregiver in making these changes for their child; while it is always important to focus on how the baby/child is reacting, this can also be an emotional experience for the caregivers. You matter too!
  • What changes should I expect to make around my child’s sleep?
    We will make the changes necessary to set up your baby or child for sleep success. We may modify your baby or child’s sleeping environment and we may shift the time your baby or child sleeps. We may react differently when they wake up so they learn to fall back asleep without your help. We will teach them how to fall asleep independently. We will use science based facts to make these adjustments to give your little one the best chance for learning new skills.
  • Why should I hire a sleep consultant?
    If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you are ready to make a change. Something isn’t working and you and your family may be out of sync with exhaustion. There are certainly ways to do it on your own- googling “why isn’t my child sleeping through the night,” reading the *best* book on sleep training, or asking your sister how her baby learned how to sleep– theoretically all those could help. But that seems like a lot of work, pressure and effort, especially when you’re already up at 2am with your child! Let me take the guesswork out of the equation. Let me listen to your family’s situation and concerns and create a personalized plan for YOU. I will support, guide and cheer you on every step of the way. Keep in mind that sleep training is way more than just the method used to get your child to sleep. The method is just one part of the puzzle and will have varying success if the rest of the pieces don't come together. I will help you put all the pieces together and get the results you dream of!
  • Will there be crying?
    Crying is how babies and children communicate and respond to change. We will be changing what they are used to so we should expect some crying. There are different sleep methods we can use to teach your child these new skills- you will decide which method and how much parental involvement is most comfortable to you. Ask me more about the science behind crying during sleep training- you may be pleasantly surprised!
  • How early can I start sleep training my baby?
    There are techniques and ideas you could start when your baby is just a few weeks old to start shaping good sleep habits. However, teaching your baby to fall asleep independently with traditional sleep training practices should wait until the baby is at least five months old adjusted. This means you should count from your baby’s due date, not birth date if he/she was born early.
  • Can I continue nursing or feeding my baby at night?
    Yes! Sleep training and night feeding can happen at the same time. No need to give it up with sleep training. Through your sleep questionnaire, our consultation and a conversation with your pediatrician if needed, we will discuss supporting your baby’s nutritional needs while still establishing good sleep habits.
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