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Sleep is possible. Even with a little one.
Take a breath.
Let's get your family back on track. Let's get everyone sleeping.

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Lack of sleep makes everything more intense: behaviors, feelings, relationships. Everything seems harder, everyone is exhausted. Luckily turning things around doesn’t need to be hard. 


Sleep is a puzzle. Once you know how to set up all of the pieces, a beautiful picture can emerge: peaceful days and restful nights. I will empower and teach you how to set up your child so sleep will come naturally.

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Welcome To

Carina the Sleep Consultant

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Sleep consultant connecting with her son

I'm Carina

Certified Child Sleep Consultant supporting children 0-6

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My goal is to understand and listen. To empower and support. I aim to see the big picture while looking at the small details. I will pay attention to your family’s sleep situation while holding the emotional experience for you and your child.

I have the perfect eye for that- as a certified sleep consultant, infant/toddler therapist, parenting expert and Mom.

I will support you so you can be there for your child

Early wakings, nursing to sleep, short naps, night wakings, bedtime tantrums, rocking to sleep. We’ve all been there. It doesn’t have to be this way. Changing sleep habits doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your relationship with your child.


Personalized sleep solutions mean I will listen to your goals and follow your comfort level. I will combine sleep science with your parenting styles without ever judging your choices.

Preschool child hugging lovey after sleeping all night
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What Parents Are Saying

We are incredibly grateful to Carina and the caring expertise she provided our family. Sleep training our first son without a consultant was incredibly difficult and emotionally draining. So we reached out to Carina to help sleep train our second son and it was a world of difference compared to our first son. We worked with Carina to develop a sleep plan that me and my partner agreed to and then she provided steady support and encouragement along the way to implement this plan. Before working with Carina we had no idea that our baby was getting too little sleep during the day, which was actually preventing him from falling asleep at night! Carina's social work background allowed her to think holistically about our family and what we needed to meet our sleep goals. Carina was incredibly responsive, thoughtful, and motivating. She provided sound information and expertise that was free from dogma or judgment. Our second son is sleeping so much better now, which is allowing our whole family to be rested and happy. We highly recommend working with Carina to navigate sleep issues - she steered our family in the right and restful direction.
parent of 6 month old
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