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Sleep is a puzzle. There are many pieces to think about- environment, the routine, timing, your role- it can be a lot to figure out! There are plenty of “how to” instructions on the internet or books about sleep. These can be overwhelming, contradictory and not specific to your situation!


I will be your guide in putting the pieces together. My goal is to educate, empower and support. I will share with you the latest sleep science and safe sleep practices to get your child sleeping soundly. I will give you confidence in knowing what is best in your child’s specific situation and the tools for helping him/her. I will be your cheerleader from start to finish. YOU will be the biggest piece of the puzzle and my priority. My strength is holding your experience and comfort level in a judgment free space. As the final puzzle piece, you will complete the picture to get your family better rested. 
Let’s do this together.

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